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Two Britons win a million pound lottery prize

A British couple celebrated after winning the "Euro Millionaire" lottery prize, valued at one million pounds, as they decided that they would buy a bigger house and take care of their handicapped, 9-year-old son. British Daily Mail.

The British newspaper reported that the couple live in Devon, and they have three children, and their youngest son suffers from a disability that is a curve in the spine on one side, and their eldest son, who is 9 years old, suffers from learning difficulties.

The report said that despite matching the numbers for the Euro Millionaire lottery prize, the husband Smart, did not verify immediately and only realized when he received a letter urging him to verify his account two days later.

The report indicated that the British man who won the award, who is 51 years old, thought he was being exposed to a fraud attempt, and then called his daughter to read the message, which she also thought was a fraudulent message. A message that says congratulations, you have won a million pounds. "

Once home, the report added, the couple checked the lottery prize numbers repeatedly, but refused to believe that they could be millionaires so that they could obtain official confirmation, until a call came from the officials on the prize, and added to the family's planning to buy a bigger house. And take care of their disabled son, they will also donate to a charity, and the wife decided to stay at home.

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