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The Olympic Committee denies the delisting of Mortada Mansour and Khaled Zain

Officials of the Olympic Committee denied the reports that the committee removed the duo, Mortada Mansour, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, and Counselor Khaled Zein, the former president of Olympic Paradise, and depriving them of any sporting activity.

An official source at the Olympic Committee said that the rumors about canceling the duo Mortada Mansour and Khaled Zain are completely false, and that the committee's board of directors has not considered taking this step.

The source explained that Mortada Mansour resorted to the administrative court to object to the decision to expel him from the Olympic Committee, and the case is still being discussed in the courts, until a ruling is issued in this regard.

The source indicated that there are no new decisions regarding the duo Mortada Mansour and Khaled Zain or others, because there have been no new events on the scene that require intervention to take a decision to remove them from the Egyptian sports records and prevent them from practicing any sporting activity.