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The Netherlands reverses the decision to attend the masses after a week of presence in the stands

The Dutch government retreated again from its previous decision to gradually return the masses to the Dutch Football League stadiums, deciding not to continue the pilot test that he worked on last week, after allowing fans to partially return to the stadiums provided that they present a negative test result for the Corona virus in advance.

"This decision is disappointing. Everything went well during the last round," said duo Erik Judy, director of professional football in the Dutch federation, and Jan de Jong, president of the Dutch League, on Thursday in a joint statement.

Last week, the Netherlands stadiums witnessed an attendance of between 10% and 15% of their total capacity for the fans, on the condition that the attendees present a negative test result for the epidemic, which is an experimental test permitted by the government and has been applied in other sports venues.

This test was in line with the one that took place on 27 March, after 5,000 fans were allowed to attend at Johan Cruyff Stadium during the Netherlands and Lithuania match.

The Dutch Federation announced in a previous report that a limited number of fans would be allowed to attend the matches of the 30th round of the League Championship, which will be held on April 23, 24 and 25, in coordination with all the agencies there.

A statement issued by the Dutch Federation indicated that a number of matches amounted to approximately 130 games that were played with a limited audience at the beginning of the season well and thanks to all the protocols to combat Corona in the stadiums in which none of them has been infected with the virus, fans have been allowed to attend the next matches in the 30th round with the aim of the end of the season. As it was opened in the presence of fans

The Dutch Federation had decided to resume the league competition last September with the attendance of fans ranging between 15 and 35 percent of the capacity of the stadiums, but it will not allow fans of visiting teams to enter, as the Dutch Federation issued an 80-page booklet that includes the procedures that it will follow to return to activity after canceling the previous season due to Coronavirus pandemic.