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The Ismaili imposes secrecy on his Alexandrian camp in preparation for military production

Imad Suleiman, a member of the technical committee of the Ismaili club, who supervises the football team, imposed a ban on all media outlets in the Dervish camp in Alexandria, which started today and includes two friendlies in front of the Farco and Smouha teams.

This came with the aim of imposing focus and avoiding distracting the minds of the players and working to achieve the optimum benefit from the closed camp, prior to the resumption of the local march against military production in the nineteenth week next May, and the team had been to the coastal city in preparation for the start of its camp.

It is worth noting that Emad Suleiman, in coordination with the technical apparatus, preferred not to broadcast the channel and Al-Sharqia clubs to avoid distracting the players' minds and to preserve the secrecy of the plans and technical sentences, and when a live broadcast was discovered by the Al-Sharqiya club page, broadcasting was prohibited as it was previously agreed to record the match only for the purpose of Presented on the technical staff of the Cherkaoui team.

Ismaili coach Ihab Galal escorted 30 players to a closed camp in Alexandria, as part of the team's preparations to complete its journey in the premier league championship competitions.

The list witnessed the presence of Baher Al Muhammadi and Abdel Rahman Magdy, in addition to the rising duo Muhammad Suleiman and Marwan Shawky.

The complete list is as follows:

Goalkeepers: Mohamed Sobhi - Mohamed Fawzy - Mohamed Magdy.

Defense: Radwan Sharifi - Muhammad Ammar - Mustafa Fares - Muhammad Hashem - Marwan al-Sahrawi - Ahmed Castillo - Ziad Tariq - Abdullah Jumaa - Baher al-Muhammadi - Muhammad Suleiman.

Middle: Omar Al-Wahsh - Mahmoud Dunga - Muhammad Hassan - Muhammad Adel - Muhammad Bayoumi - Emad Hamdy - Nader Ramadan - Ahmed Madbouly - Medhat Fakousa - Muhammad Sadiq - Marwan Shawki.

The attack: Muhammad al-Shami - Fakhr al-Din ibn Yusuf - Benson Shilongo - Shukri Najib - Ary Babel - Abd al-Rahman Majdi.