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The Gulf War Compensation Committee pays Kuwait 380 million dollars

The Gulf War Compensation Committee paid $ 380 million to the government of Kuwait as part of its remaining claim that it submitted on behalf of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation regarding losses in oil production and sales after damage to oil rights assets, according to what the United Nations announced in Geneva today, Tuesday.

The committee is a subsidiary body of the Security Council established in 1991 to handle claims and pay compensation for losses and damages incurred by individuals, companies, governments and international organizations as a result of Iraq's invasion and occupation of Kuwait in 1990).

The committee pointed out that with this amount paid, it would have paid up to 50.7 billion dollars, leaving nearly 1.7 billion dollars to be paid for the unpaid claim .. explaining that this claim is of Category (E) and submitted by the government of Kuwait on behalf of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, which was estimated The committee paid the compensation owed to it in the amount of 14.7 billion dollars in the year 2000.