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The Arab Parliament condemns the Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem

The Arab Parliament condemned the brutal attacks perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinians in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in hundreds of wounded, as well as inciting settlers and right-wing extremist groups to kill them and harm their property.


In a statement published today by the Saudi Press Agency, the Arab Parliament held the Israeli forces fully responsible for these dangerous confrontations and the repercussions that would result in the security and stability of the entire region, calling on the international community to play its role and stop these attacks and not be silent about these violations and provide international protection for the Palestinian people, especially Jerusalemites. Those who are subjected to the most heinous process of forcible expulsion and displacement from their city.


He stressed that East Jerusalem will remain the capital of the State of Palestine and a red line, pointing out that the Israeli forces seek to prevent the participation of Palestinians in Jerusalem in the electoral process, which represents a clear and explicit attack on all international legislation and charters and the terms of the agreements that have approved the right of all Palestinian cities, including the city of Jerusalem.