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Stabilization of diesel and diesel prices, and an increase of 25 piasters in gasoline prices

In its meeting held after the end of last March, the Automatic Pricing Committee for Petroleum Products, concerned with following up and implementing mechanisms for implementing automatic pricing of petroleum products, decided to recommend fixing diesel prices at 6.75 pounds per liter and diesel for the industrial sector at 3900 pounds per ton and adjusting the current prices prevailing in the local market. For the April / June 2021 quarter, the selling price of the three types of gasoline products has been amended as of ten in the morning as follows: 6.50 pounds per liter of gasoline 80 and 7.75 pounds per liter of gasoline 92 and 8.75 pounds per liter of gasoline 95.

Gasoline prices in Egypt

The committee reviewed the average prices of Brent crude on the world market and the exchange rate of the dollar against the pound for the period January / March 2021, which are considered the most important and determinants of the cost of providing and selling petroleum products in the local market, in addition to other burdens and costs.

Gasoline prices in Egypt

The committee's recommendations came in light of the exceptional situations that the world is going through as a result of the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.