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President of the Algerian Confederation on facing Egypt in the Arab Cup: It will be exciting

Sherif El Din Amara, head of the Algerian Football Federation, believes that the upcoming confrontation with Egypt and Algeria in the Arab Cup will be very exciting due to the competitive history between the two teams. In statements to the "B On Time" program, Emara said: The lottery came at a very important time for all teams to make the appropriate choices. Whether for African or Asian nations, this tournament will really make us stand on the extent of the formative preparation of the teams before the World Cup qualifiers.

He added: The draw resulted in two strong groups, the first group with Qatar, and the fourth group including Algeria and Egypt, which is a semi-competitive group because it includes two ancient teams with a history and great and rich tournaments and I assure that it will be an exciting match between Egypt and Algeria, because they are very competitors, and each team has a large fan base.

For his part, Hossam El-Badry, the technical director of the first national football team, stressed the strength of the Egyptian national team in the Arab Cup, which includes Algeria and the winner from Libya, Sudan, Lebanon and Djibouti.

Al-Badri said in a press statement that he had a great sense of the presence of the brotherly Algerian national team, which he is proud of in our group, explaining that the competition will be great in this group due to everyone's desire to appear at great levels during this great Arab wedding.


The technical director of the national team added that he hopes, along with his players and his auxiliary apparatus, to achieve all the required goals, meet the aspirations of the masses, and satisfy their aspirations by watching the Egyptian national team, which we are proud and proud of in the forefront of countries and to be present in international forums and compete for them in a manner befitting his place in Egypt at all levels.


Al-Badri stressed that the national team possesses new and experienced elements, and with the time, matches and friction required, we can form a strong team that befits the name of Egypt and restore the smile and happiness to all the fans, indicating his great desire and his apparatus to do everything in their power for the Egyptian football fans to restore the beautiful time for the team.