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Poultry prices today range from 32-34 pounds per kilo

Today, Monday 4/12-2021, poultry prices witnessed a slight increase according to official prices, according to the General Division for Poultry Resources of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce.

The increase in poultry prices came due to the increase in demand and demand before the holy month of Ramadan, as the price per kilo on the farm scored 29 pounds, while the price per kilo for the consumer ranges between 32-34 pounds depending on the region, and the prices of the municipal poultry on the farm were about 33 pounds per kilo, and the price per kilo for the consumer ranged between 36 - 39 pounds per kilo, the price of frozen poultry between 36-40 pounds per kilo.

The prices of "white" farmer eggs recorded 36-40 pounds per carton, while the local egg carton was 34 pounds on the farm, and the price to the consumer ranges between 36-40 pounds.

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