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Learn about the benefits of dates with milk for breakfast ... a source of protein and calcium

Dates with milk are one of the most important drinks in the month of Ramadan. Dates are one of the best foods to eat for breakfast, as the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, has recommended. It is characterized by its anti-inflammatory properties and rich in antioxidants, and in this report we learn about the benefits of dates with milk for breakfast, according to the "girliciousbeauty" website .

Benefits of dates with milk


A source of protein:

Dates are rich in protein as well as milk, when combined, they give additional protein content, which gives good bone density and muscle health, this is usually preferred during workouts and exercises.

Fights anemia:

Dates and milk contain iron, by drinking this drink regularly, you will get a large amount of blood and get rid of anemia.


Gives a glowing complexion:

For those who suffer from wrinkles, acne, or any other skin problems, drinks are the best. Dates with milk enhance blood circulation in the body and face, giving you a glowing complexion.


Easy to digest:

 Dates and milk contain fibers that regulate the work of the digestive system, through this one can have good bowel movements, and this drink is especially preferred for the elderly who suffer from constipation problems at the age of 60-70.


Improves brain health:

Rich in vitamin B6 present in this drink, it increases brain power and memory, this drink should be given to children on an empty stomach, it gives super memory power.



 Dates contain a high percentage of calcium, which gives bone health, relieves joint pain and increases bone density, this should be taken for women at the age of forty, because after the age of forty, bone density decreases and joint pain begins.