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Imam Ashour will be absent from Maran Zamalek, with permission ... and Obama announces his readiness for the National Bank

Imam Ashour, player of the first football team at Zamalek Club, obtained permission from French Patrice Carteron to take a break from participating in the team's group training today, Friday, which the team is running in preparation for the National Bank match scheduled for next Monday, in the seventeenth round of the Premier League.


Imam Ashour is absent from the Al-Ahly Bank meeting because he was suspended by the Football Association for 12 matches, and he was fined 200 thousand pounds, due to the events of the youth team match against Al-Ahly.


Youssef Obama participated in group training after the player missed participating with his team in the face of military production yesterday due to a shoulder injury.


Obama went into full training after recovering from injury and was medically ready to participate in the matches.


The French Patrice Carteron held a session with the players before the start of training, and the technical director asked the players to close the file of the war production confrontation in which the White won in a clean double, and to focus on the next National Bank confrontation and achieving victory and continuing victories.