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Historical secrets about major Europeans ... The founding of Bayern Munich in a restaurant in 1900

During the blessed month of Ramadan, we review a series of exciting stories about the most famous clubs in the world, such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United and others ... through telling a daily story about the biggest clubs in the world.

The twelfth episode about the story of the founding of Bayern Munich.


Bayern Munich was founded at the hands of members of the 1879 Munich Sports Club, when on February 27, 1900, the club’s management decided to ban its soccer players from joining the German Football Association, then 11 players left Munich 1879, and on the same day they founded FC Bayern Munich Football Club, playing its first game against Nuremberg in 1909.

The story of the founding of Bayern Munich began with Franz John in Berlin, after 17 members signed the document establishing the club, in the Munich city-center restaurant "Gisela" in February 1900, and they were the first players of the team, followed by two players.

Due to some financial considerations, and to solve the problem of finding a stadium for the team, Bayern partnered with the Munich Sports Club on January 1, 1906, but Bayern maintained its identity and independence.

The only change that happened was that the Bayern players wore shirts in the colors of the Munich sports team, which were white shirts and red shorts, and the team is known to this day as the red shorts team.