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France: The Tunisian accused of stabbing an extremist policewoman suffers from a personality disorder

Anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said the 36-year-old Tunisian who stabbed a policewoman at the police station in Rambouillet near Paris on Friday was an unquestionable extremist and was suffering from personality disorders.


And Ricard said during a press conference carried by France 24, two days after the attack carried out by Jamal Qureshan, if the extremism of the attacker appears not in doubt, then some personality disorders can also be observed.


The public prosecutor pointed out that his father indicated that his son followed a strict practice as he spoke about the behavioral disturbances that he had observed on his son at the beginning of the year.


He explained that Jamal Gorshan had requested psychological counseling at Rambouillet Hospital on February 19, and then set a new appointment on February 23, and it appears that his condition did not require hospitalization or treatment.


The investigating judge also told reporters that a fifth person, the cousin of the attacker, was arrested pending investigation on Sunday, to be added to his father, who is staying with him in Rambouillet, and another cousin and two people who helped him secure administrative residence in another area in the Parisian suburbs.


Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard announced that the man had carried out a "surveillance" operation before the attack ... while witnesses reported that he chanted religious slogans during the attack, then stabbed the victim, one in the stomach and the other in the throat, before the police shot him with two bullets.


A quick inspection of his cell phone, which was found at the scene, revealed that the attacker had seen video clips of religious chants immediately before the attack, according to the public prosecutor.