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Footage captures the last moments of the ill-fated Indonesian submarine crew singing around the guitar

A new video clip shows the last moments of some of the crew of the Indonesian submarine that sank off the coast of Bali a week ago, carrying 53 people who all died, and the video footage taken before its sinking showed some of the submarine crew singing an Indonesian song called "Farewell" as if they were They know their submarine trip will be their last.

Heri Octavian, the captain of the submerged Indonesian submarine, was among the sailors who gathered to play the guitar, while the rest of his colleagues chanted behind him the words of the song, while the Indonesian military spokesman, Djwara Wembo, stated that the video recorded a farewell to the outgoing submarine commander, whose successor took office In early March, according to Sky News.

And the authorities in Indonesia announced the discovery of the missing submarine and the death of their 53-person crew. The Indonesian Navy said that things were found inside the missing submarine, and local media quoted the Armed Forces Commander, Hadi Chahashantou, as saying, "All crew members of the submarine KRI Nagala -402 are dead.

Indonesian Navy Commander Udu Margono confirmed that rescuers found several items, including parts of the torpedo straightener, a grease bottle, believed to be used to lubricate the binoculars, and prayer rugs were inside the submarine.

The Indonesian submarine had disappeared while participating in a training off Bali, and it was found in depths far beyond the limits of survival. According to the Indonesian naval commander, "the survey revealed the submarine at an altitude of 850 meters, which far exceeds the survival limits of 500 meters."

It is noteworthy that among the presumed dead was the leader of the Indonesian submarine fleet, Harry Sitiawan, and the submarine search teams included Australian, American, Singaporean and Malaysian ships, as well as those in Indonesia.

The search focused on an area near the starting position of his last dive, where an oil slick was found, but there has been no conclusive evidence so far that the oil slick was sub-dive.