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Faraj Amer: I bought Mahmoud Zizou from Ismaili for 400,000 and sold it to Zamalek for 14 million pounds

As his usual stirring up controversy, especially with the poles, Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, revealed that he bought Mahmoud Abdel Aziz "Zizo", the midfielder of the current Zamalek club, for 400 thousand pounds from Ismaili, then sold him to the White Castle for 14 million pounds.

Amer wrote, through his Facebook account: “Yesterday we saw Mahmoud Abdel Aziz Zizou, returning to the Egyptian stadiums in the Zamalek club team, Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, moved to Smouha Club with my knowledge of about 400 thousand pounds from the Ismaili club, after one season I sold him to Zamalek for 14 million pounds Among them, 10 million pounds were paid with them a third of the land value of Smouha Club in Burj Al Arab, in which Smouha paid about 60 million pounds, and its price is now more than 2 billion pounds. "

And the president of Smouha Club had previously revealed that he gave Zamalek a gift, which is Tariq Hamed, the white midfielder, who is considered one of the best players in his position throughout the history of Egyptian football. Faraj Amer said in a telephone interview with the sweet game program, via On Sport FM radio, "I gave Zamalek the best. The players from Smouha, on the other hand, are not quick to make decisions, and I do not consider Mustafa Fathi a player from Zamalek because Al-Obeid nearly killed him as a footballer and ended his life in the stadiums had it not been for Smouha.

Faraj Amer added: "Mustafa Fathy respected his word with me and made him offer more financial offers and refused, unlike a player from Al-Ahly who signed for us and withdrew from the agreement."

Regarding Tariq Hamid’s deal, Faraj Amer said, “I spoke to Adly Al-Qiai before selling him to Zamalek. I told him that this is the best player in Egypt and there is no match. He was distorted and confronted with Major General Abdul Jalil, and he said: I recommend this player to you, and I say that he is blessed and blessed with God, and he shone with us. "