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Economy Briefing Today, Friday, April 2, 2021

Today, Friday, April 2, 2021, the "seventh day" website published a set of important economic news, among them, the Central Bank: Continuing dealing with all fiat currencies, including the pound. Oil prices are recorded at 64.86 dollars for Brent and 61.45 dollars for American crude.

Central Bank: the continuation of dealing with all fiat currencies, including the pound

"The Central Bank of Egypt confirmed the continuation of the validity of dealing in all fiat currencies without exception, denying the validity of what was circulated about canceling dealing in the paper pound denomination."

Early last week, the Central Bank announced the continuation of the ban on issuing, trading in, or promoting cryptocurrencies, or establishing or operating platforms for their trading or carrying out activities related to them.

The Central Bank of Egypt also confirmed that dealing in the Arab Republic of Egypt is limited to the official currencies approved by the Central Bank of Egypt only.

The Central Bank of Egypt calls on dealers in the Egyptian market to be very careful and not to engage in high-risk unofficial currencies.

Planning: increasing the telecom sector investments by 300% to support the digital transformation process

Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, participated as a keynote speaker at the Ministerial Conference of the Governance and Competitiveness Initiative for Development in the Middle East and North Africa of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (MENA-OECD) in the first session of the conference, titled "A New Growth Model for Recovery After Corona Pandemic: Governing Tomorrow's Investments in the MENA Region.

The “Statistics” announces that the number of Egypt's population inside Egypt has reached 101,674,000

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics announced today, Friday, that the number of Egypt's population inside was about 101674434 people at nine o'clock in the morning.

The number of Egyptians officially registered in Egypt reached 100 million in February 2020, according to daily estimates of the net birth and death rates in Egypt.

The date of the population clock hanging on the device’s building dates back to 2012, as a warning bell on the rates of population increase in Egypt, and after two years this experiment began to be circulated to the rest of the governorates, until most governorates have the population clock.

The population clock works to record the number of births and deaths alike, not just births, as some believe, through the Ministry of Health's database, moment by moment, noting that the details of births or deaths remain with the Ministry of Health only and not the statistics agency, such as their names and areas of presence.

New October Authority will resume delivery of Egypt's housing project units next Sunday

Next Sunday, the New October City Development Authority begins the delivery of a number of units of the Egypt housing project, as the units of Architecture No. 31 are scheduled to be delivered on Sunday 4/4/2021, and the units of Architecture No. 32, on Monday 5/4/2021, and units Architecture No. 33, on Tuesday 6/4/2021, and the units of Architecture No. 34, on Wednesday 7/4/2021, and the allocation of Thursday 4/8/2021, for those who failed to receive in the fourth week.

Find out when the electric car will be launched in the Egyptian market

The Nasr Automotive Company, in coordination with the Chinese Dongfeng Company, continues the steps of preparing the factories for the new electric car, as communication is currently underway with the work team in China assigned by the Chinese company Dong Feng to continue working with the Nasr Automobile Company in order to proceed with the procedures for equipping the factory of the Nasr Automobile Company. To manufacture the E70 electric car in Egypt.

Oil prices are recorded at $ 64.86 for Brent and $ 61.45 for US crude

Oil prices recorded today, Friday, 64.86 dollars a barrel, for Brent crude, and US West Texas Intermediate crude reached 61.45 dollars a barrel.

Yesterday, the "OPEC +" alliance reached an agreement on a gradual increase in oil production as of May, according to "Reuters", and the source indicated that "OPEC +" agreed to increase production by 350 thousand barrels per day in May, and the same in June, then 400 thousand Barrels per day in July.

The "OPEC +" group cuts production by about seven million barrels per day to support prices.

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