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Diaa Rashwan wins 68 votes in the Alexandria Journalist Elections and Rifaat Rashad 37

Today, Friday, the committee supervising the elections of the Journalists Syndicate at the branch of the Syndicate in Alexandria announced the counting of the votes of the members of the General Assembly, and the counting process resulted in the seat of the Syndicate of Journalists, Diaa Rashwan advanced with a total of 68 votes, Rashad raised 37 votes, and Karim Yahya 6 votes.

The committee supervising the elections explained that those who cast their votes 113 votes, 111 votes cast, and 2 invalid votes.

The vote counting process began in Alexandria in the Press Syndicate elections, Friday evening, at the Syndicate headquarters in Raml Station, in the midterm elections for the General Syndicate.

The Journalists Syndicate elections at the branch of the Syndicate in Alexandria witnessed a moderate turnout by the members of the General Assembly to vote in the mid-term renewal of the Journalists Syndicate, and it is decided that a president and 6 members of the association will be chosen.

The Alexandria Journalists Syndicate Council, headed by Fikri Abdel Salam, took all precautionary measures announced by the General Syndicate of Journalists, which aim to ensure the health and safety of the members of the General Assembly of the Syndicate of Journalists.

The Alexandria Journalists Syndicate suspended workers' lists in Alexandria, as well as indicative boards regarding the location of registration and voting.

Elections are held for the president’s seat, which is currently occupied by Diaa Rashwan, and half the number of seats according to Article 43 of the Syndicate Law, which states that the membership term in the Syndicate Council is four years, and every two years the membership of half of the members of the Council expires, and the term of the President’s membership is two years, and it is not permissible to elect him more than Twice in a row, and membership in the Syndicate Council shall be without pay or remuneration.

The committee overseeing the mid-term elections of the Journalists Syndicate Council announced the final lists of the names of the candidates for the mid-term elections for the Journalists Syndicate in March 2021.

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