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Two people were killed in Naples, Italy, because of a wristwatch

An Italian youth chased with his car two men who stole his wristwatch, knocked them down from their motorbike, then rammed them, killing them immediately, according to Italian media on Saturday.

The incident occurred Friday evening near Naples, southern Italy, when two men on a scooter branded a pistol and threatened a man who was driving his car with the aim of stealing his Rolex watch.

However, after the robbery, the 26-year-old victim pursued them in a high-speed chase, dropped the scooter in his car, then rammed his attackers and killed them.

The young man left his car after that and turned himself in to the police in Marano, on the outskirts of Naples, and witnesses supported his statements, according to the newspaper "El Corriere della Sera".

The two robbers, aged 30 and 40, were well-known precedents with a strong judicial record.

And Italian media indicated that the police found at the scene of the accident a pistol whose serial number was scanned in addition to the stolen wristwatch.