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The Tunisian Free Constitutional Party demands that the country be protected from the dangers of the Brotherhood organization

On Friday, the Free Constitutional Party in Tunisia called on the country's president, Qais Said, to hold a session of the National Security Council to take the necessary measures to protect the country from the dangers of the Brotherhood, through the Ennahda movement.

The Free Constitutional Party said, in a statement, that its request came as a result of "the government's intention to facilitate the attack by groups of the components of its political belt belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood ideology on the headquarters of the anger sit-in, which was launched legally since November 16, 2020 in front of the headquarters of the so-called - the International Union of Muslim Scholars.

He added, "According to the attacks and violence witnessed by the public against the sit-in by a group of representatives belonging to the Parliament's bloc and their arms charged with the mission of thuggery and atonement, accompanied by a group of - the bonds protecting the revolution - judicially dissolved, and then recruiting a terrible, repressive security machine to disperse the sit-in in a brutal manner almost A peaceful protest took the lives of the citizens, then Khair El Din Pasha Street was closed in the face of the general public to protect the headquarters of the suspected organization.

And he continued: "In the face of the seriousness of the brutal aggression committed against citizens, youth and youth, women and men, in a flagrant violation of the requirements of the constitution, which guarantees the right to demonstrate and peacefully protest in defense of the state's civilization, the acquired rights of women and the unity of the educational and educational system in Tunisia."