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The humble collector of balls ... Mohamed Salah distributes humanitarian gifts among the ranks of the Pharaohs

Mohamed Salah, the star of the Egypt and Liverpool national team, caught the spotlight in the ranks of the Pharaohs thanks to the return of his usual smile and high spirit in training, as well as his humility and intimate relationship with everyone, including the locker room workers, who participated with them in their mission to carry the tasks of the team.

The image of the Egyptian and Liverpool star, Mohamed Salah, won the admiration of the fans, as he appeared in the "Pharaohs" camp in Kenya, while he personally took over the task of transporting the balls from the dressing room to the stadium.

The image of Salah carrying a giant basket of balls on his back won great praises from the football fans, as well as the welcome of observers and analysts who considered it the beginning of Salah's return to brilliance with the national team after a long period of absence that included problems with the Football Association, regarding marketing matters between the Liverpool star and former officials In the union.

The star Mohamed Salah also took a noble position after the match between Egypt and Kenya in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, which ended in a 1-1 draw for each of them.

The tie gave Egypt the qualification card for the African Cup of Nations at a time when Kenya bid farewell to all its hopes of qualifying for the most prominent tournament in the African continent.

After the match, Mohamed Salah went to the dressing room of the Kenya national team to console them after their failure to qualify for the African nations and wished them good luck next time, while the Kenyan team players and his technical staff wished success for him and the Egyptian team.

In his first appearance in the "Pharaohs" shirt since the summer of 2019, Mohamed Salah, the English star, did not perform the expected performance of him, and after his contribution to the goal of his country, he played with minimal effort while it seemed that the pitch did not help him and his teammates.

The Egyptian team raised its score to 9 points in the lead, on the goal difference of the Comoros national team, which achieved a historic achievement and qualified for the nations of Africa for the first time.