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The Business Sector: We have the potentials to raise ready-to-wear exports to $ 10 billion

Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Public Business Sector, reviewed the ministry’s plan regarding the promotion of small, medium and micro enterprises, saying: “The Nasr Export and Import Company will have a major role in this regard. Work is underway to open more foreign markets, by expanding the number of Centers for promoting simple Egyptian products, 14 centers will be established around the world to promote these products and those who see the ability to compete with foreign countries to register for marketing their products in various of these centers in its broadest and most comprehensive sense in the world.

Hisham Tawfiq added during his speech today at the meeting of the Small Projects Committee in the House of Representatives, that these small products will be displayed through an electronic catalog, on which the product will be registered, and the Ministry represented by the Nasr Company will connect the owner of the product with the various branches around the world, and within 6 months the target of registration 40 thousand products are ready to be promoted in these centers around the world.

And the Minister of the Business Sector added: “Work is underway to establish industrial complexes for ready-to-wear clothes based on the exploitation of the lands of closed factories, or part of the lands after developing the factories, which means that there are some vacant spaces that will be exploited, and the exploitation of a factory in the Fayoum governorate that has been closed for years has begun. This factory will be converted to 20 small factories, the cost of one workshop is approximately 1.5 million pounds. Whoever applies for a workshop, whether it is a person, two or three, will be charged 150 thousand pounds from them and the rest will be borne by the project apparatus in the form of easy financing, in addition to having Facilitating payment and reducing the rent value, all of this in the context of encouraging the advancement of small and medium enterprises in various sectors, and during the next three months, work will start in the Fayoum factory.

He continued: "Our exports of ready-made garments at the present time amount to 1.25 billion dollars, although our capabilities far exceed this figure, as we possess the ingredients that qualify us for exports to be 10 billion dollars, and this is what is being worked on during the coming period in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade.

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