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The Biden administration is preparing to respond to the SolarWinds hack within weeks

The administration of US President Joe Biden is preparing to respond, within weeks, to the massive piracy operation against the "Solar Windows" technology company.


Most of the nine federal government agencies that were exposed to the risk due to the massive breach have completed independent reviews, while the rest of the agencies will complete their reviews by the end of March, a senior administration official said.


And exploited the pirates in the process, which also hurt 100 private companies, the process of updating the "Solar Windows" surveillance system developed by a company in Texas, and used by tens of thousands of companies and administrations around the world.


The process lasted for several months before being exposed in December by the "Fire Eye" information security group, which itself had fallen victim to cyberattacks.


Among the targeted ministries, foreign affairs, trade, treasury and internal security, as well as the National Health Centers, officials said, indicating their fear that the attack affected other ministries as well.


Officials said they would respond directly to the perpetrators within weeks, not months.


The US intelligence community had concluded that Russia was "most likely" the source of the widespread cyberattack that targeted government agencies and senior officials in the United States.