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Know the health risks of reusing cooking oil

It is common to see foodstuffs fry in oil that is already used, whether it is in our homes or outside, and the oils we use are already saturated fats and reuse makes them worse, as it makes trans fats in the body a threat to our health, the next report mentions the harms of reuse of oil According to the "only my health" site.

Why is reusing oil for cooking a bad thing?

Reusing oil can lead to inflammation and thus cause diseases, as free radicals stick to healthy cells and turn them into unhealthy cells and lead to health problems.


Effects of reused cooking oil

When the oil is exposed to a high temperature, it loses its properties, which leads to the release of harmful free radicals.

Repeatedly reheating the same oil leads to the formation of the total polar compound, and the toxicity of these polar compounds is associated with many diseases such as heart disease, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, liver disorders, and diabetes.

And a general survey also reports that up to 48% of people consume fried and unwanted foods 1 to 6 times a week, which is really alarming.

Methods for reducing harmful effects during oil reuse

Avoid raising the temperature, and not adding salt before deep frying.

Tips for healthy eating

Eat home cooked food, while cooking less so that you do not waste food and do not reuse it, avoid eating unhealthy foods outside, and change sources of oil.

Why shouldn't the oil be reused in cooking for pregnant women?

The extra calorie requirements during pregnancy must be obtained through nutritious foods. Eating unhealthy food during pregnancy may lead to many major complications such as weight gain and birth defects in newborns as well as malabsorption of certain nutrients.

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