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Kamala Harris: The US bailout will provide $ 130 billion to schools

Camala Harris, US Vice President Joe Biden, confirmed that the US rescue plan will provide 130 billion dollars to schools, in order to return students to classes and schools safely. She reassured Americans in her message and said: "The help has come."

"The US rescue plan gives $ 130 billion to schools, so they will have the resources they need to safely get children back into the classroom, the help has come," Harris said in a tweet on her official Twitter account.

And US President Joe Biden held a conference with Democratic leaders in the Rose Garden of the White House last Friday, to celebrate the passage of the Corona relief bill, which amounts to 1.9 trillion dollars.

Biden said during his speech: "Thanks to members of the House of Representatives and the Senate for achieving this, and I have served 36 years in the Senate, and I know how difficult it is to pass major legislation, especially when we have such a small majority in both houses."

Biden added in his speech, that the relief package that was passed is the largest investment for the benefit of children and serves education in particular, reiterating his thanks to the US Congress.

In turn, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised Biden's leadership and thanked the Democrats who worked on the bill.

"It was a long and difficult year here in America," Schumer said. "We lost a lot in a short time, but finally hope is on the horizon and help is on the way."

Kamala Harris also thanked Biden during her speech, for his leadership, saying he had a goal and had faith that the American people would support the plan.

Vice President Kamala Harris said: "Americans will see what we have done here, Mr. President ... and feel the impact of this law for generations to come ... because of you, the help has arrived, and on behalf of our nation I thank you."

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