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How does infection with the Corona virus affect the sense of smell? ... Know the answer

Coronavirus causes many symptoms that may affect your vital sense organs and their functions.Loss of smell can be a common occurrence, which has now been announced as a classic sign of infection.Not only can the inability to smell anything be uncomfortable, but it can also last for a while. Long after recovery, and some experts believe that it may take weeks or months, and requires smelling exercises to retrain the brain to smell odors again.

And there is another problem associated with loss of smell, where the smell may return as a completely unpleasant smell, in what is thought to be another confusing sign of long-term presence of Corona or bad smells could be the latest interesting sign of post-corona syndrome that you should be aware of.

According to a report by "The Times of India", many case studies revealed another unusual sign of the long-standing corona virus, which is the bad smell, while some patients may have difficulty recognizing smells or smells, it may come to some people because they suffer from a lot. Of different smells and most of them are unpleasant.

Unpleasant odors that people with the Coronavirus fancy include smoke, rotten vegetables, unpleasant foods, vinegar, and strong chemicals.

What does bad smell mean?


A bad smell medically refers to a form of optical illusion, which causes a person to confuse one smell with another. While delusional smells can be light or intense, they usually appear in response to specific smells, and for some, they may be affected by any possible smell that this can appear on The form of "natural" odors, for example, the ability to smell pungent chemicals when there is nothing in the surrounding environment, falls under the category of olfactory, which means an olfactory disturbance.

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