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Foreign Minister of Algeria: We protect ourselves well from all attempts to destabilize the country

Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum, affirmed that his country protects itself well from all attempts to destabilize it along its borders, thanks to the unity of its people, the strength of its army and the conviction of its diplomacy.

Boukadoum said in radio statements to him, "Algeria knows very well how to protect itself from various threats and attempts to destabilize it along its borders, thanks to" the unity of its people, the strength of its people's national army, the conviction of its diplomacy and its mature, clear and transparent actions. "

He added, "We do not act behind the scenes. What we say we apply and do not stab anyone in the back. This is not Algeria’s style, and when we deliver a speech at the United Nations and the African Union and in front of all our partners, we say very clearly and frankly that we do not have any hidden agenda."

Boukadoum emphasized that Algeria is targeted by other means to destabilize it, through the so-called fourth or fifth generation war, stressing that this matter will not only affect Algeria, which necessitates accommodation with that.

On the establishment of military bases in the Sahel region, Boukadoum said, "Algeria, based on its convictions, does not wish to see such foreign bases in neighboring countries, whatever the reasons, and for every government to decide with full sovereignty what it wants in order to defend itself, explaining that the large number of military bases Foreigners have historically not brought any benefit.

Boukadoum touched on the developments in the Sahel region, Libya and Mali, saying that "Algeria is obliged to intervene through mediation, because it is the duty of any diplomacy to achieve peace between brothers, for absolutely fundamental reasons, and everyone must understand that this matter constitutes part of Algeria's security."

"When we talk about terrorism and the absence of security and development, all these challenges and those related to the environment especially concern us immediately, and we have seven borders and more than 7,500 km of land borders, and this increases the challenges that face us," he added, calling on all Algerians to be vigilant to prevent all harm and confrontation. All challenges and avoid everything harmful.

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