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British study: children with Corona suffered from health problems 8 months after recovery

A study of the British National Statistics Office revealed that children who had suffered from Corona faced symptoms for an average period of more than 8 months. According to the "Metro" newspaper report, about 95% of those surveyed in Britain suffered from 4 or more health problems. From scientists warning that there are limitations to the study, but the group of doctors that observe long Corona patients says that it comes amid a lack of reliable research.

According to the report, only 22 of the children who were subjected to the study were transferred to the hospital at the beginning, but the average duration of symptoms persisting among the group as a whole was 8.2 months, and the researchers said that 56% of the female participating children were believed to have contracted the virus between January 2020 and January. 2021.

The most common symptoms reported by children were fatigue and weakness (87%), fatigue (80%), headache (79%), abdominal pain (76%), and muscle and joint pain (61%).

And the British National Statistics Office stated, that about one in 10 people who have the Coronavirus contracted Coronavirus for a long time - an umbrella term for people who still have symptoms after 12 weeks.

More than half of the participants in the new survey also suffered from malaise and a rash, and the authors revealed that more than a quarter of patients experienced persistent symptoms after infection, as they urgently called for more research on the condition.