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Angered in Al-Ahly from the position of the national team with Ramadan Sobhi

Al-Ahly club officials have reservations about the position of the technical staff of the first national team with Ramadan Sobhi, a Pyramids player, especially compared to what happened with Ayman Ashraf, the defender of the red team in the last camp, during which the Pharaohs singled out the Kenya and Comoros matches and resolved the qualification card for the African Nations Finals in Cameroon at the beginning of the year Next.

Ramadan Sobhi and Ayman Ashraf were injured before the start of the national team camp for the fifth and sixth rounds of the continental qualifiers for the Cannes 2022 finals, but the team insisted on accompanying Ayman Ashraf to travel to Kenya, while Ramadan Sobhi was exempted from joining the camp.

Al-Ahly officials believe that the technical staff of the national team did not stand at the same distance from the players, as the injury prevented them from joining the camp, but the team exempted Ramadan Sobhi by simply presenting the x-rays that prove his injury hours before the start of the camp, while he decided to accompany Ayman Ashraf despite not being ready for any meeting With the pharaohs, which is already done.

A crisis arose between Al-Ahly club officials and Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the Egyptian national team, due to the accompanying of Ayman Ashraf with the team’s delegation to Nairobi. Ahmed Ramadan Beckham, right-back, is out of position, as well as leaving with the same injury in front of the Vita Club after complaining of pain.

Al-Ahly's concern and fear was from the exacerbation of Ayman Ashraf's injury and his absence, coming in light of the injury of the duo Ali Maaloul and Mahmoud Wahid, and the presence of a severe shortage in the left front of the team, especially as the team is preparing to face the Sudanese Al-Merrikh in Sudan in the fifth round of the group stage in the African Champions League.

What angered Al-Ahly officials in the crisis was that Hossam Al-Badri had abundant numbers in the two centers that Ayman Ashraf participated in. In the Center of Defense, Al-Badri accompanied Ahmed Hijazi and Mahmoud Al-Wensh, both of whom could play as principal, in addition to Ali Jaber and Yasser Ibrahim as available substitutes, and on the left wing Al-Badri summoned Ahmed Ayman Mansour and Abdullah Jumaa.