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AA: The Lebanese Court of Cassation orders the release of an anti-Hezbollah activist

The Military Court of Cassation (Cassation) in Lebanon decided to release a prominent anti-Hezbollah activist on bail of 3 million Lebanese pounds, after she spent nearly a year in prison on charges of "communicating with Israel."

The National Information Agency (the official Lebanese News Agency) stated that the Military Court of Cassation headed by Judge Tani Latouf agreed to the request submitted by the defense of the activist Kinda Al-Khatib to release her from her detention, and that she had already completed the procedures for leaving prison and on the way back to her home in Akkar Governorate. North Lebanon).

Earlier this month, the Military Court of Cassation ruled to revoke the 3-year hard labor prison sentence against Kinda Al-Khatib issued by the Military Court (First Instance) in the case of accusing her of communicating with "agents of Israel" and entering Israeli territory and trying to provide them with security information.

Kinda Al-Khatib and her brother were arrested last June from their home in the Akkar governorate before her brother was later released, and the security services charged her that she had dealt with people from Israel and visited her surreptitiously in 2019, and she was remanded in custody from then until the date of her conviction. From the court of first instance last December.

The activist Kinda Al-Khatib, who works in the field of teaching and translation, is considered one of the opponents and the strongest critics on social media of "Hezbollah" and its Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. She always held the party and Iran responsible for the political turmoil and the severe financial, economic and living deterioration that the Lebanese people suffer from.

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