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A US Senator forces the Senate to read a 628-page bill

USA Today newspaper said that Republican Senator Ron Johnson had forced the US Senate to read all pages of US President Joe Biden's bill with an economic relief package worth 1.9 trillion dollars inside the House yesterday, Thursday, which led to the postponement of the vote on the legislation that Democrats hope to pass it next week.

 Johnson said that his goal is to inform the American public about what is in the economic package, which contained complete provisions that had nothing to do with Covid relief. It can take at least 10 hours, as the bill is 628 pages long.

 The deputy told reporters that he felt bad for the Senate clerks who would have to read the law, but it is important to postpone the process and read the bill out loud because we often speed up these important laws that only a few lawmakers have time to read.

 Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer mocked Johnson's move, saying it would only sore the throat for some Senate employees who are working hard day in and day out to help the House work.

 Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he would not attend the reading of the bill. His Republican colleague has every right to request a reading, he said, but he does not think that moves things forward in particular, noting that the subsequent amendment process as a more important use of time to show Republicans opposition to the legislation.

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