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92% are unable to register for the Coronavirus vaccine in India

The Indian health authorities announced that only 8% of Indian citizens registered applications for Corona vaccines after opening the new Co-WIN application for registration, which means that about 92% were unable to deal with this application which is used to monitor the delivery of the Corona virus vaccine in India, according to Posted by thehealthsite. The authorities clarified through a survey that the elderly and those over the age of 45 years who suffer from comorbidities had to self-register via the portal or the application yesterday, Monday.

 According to reports, only 8% were able to register their data to get an appointment for the Coronavirus vaccine on the Co-WIN application. This was revealed through a survey of local departments, the first question in the survey was asked to citizens, how did you or your family register on the website / application Co-WIN to get a Corona vaccine ?, 13% said they failed to access the website / application, 50% said registration was unsuccessful, and 29% said registration was successful but the appointments did not appear.

 Only 8% of citizens stated that they were able to book appointments successfully on the app.

Total responses from citizens in the survey indicated that 92% of citizens encountered problems with the Co-WIN website or application to register to benefit from the vaccine, on the first day of the second round of the vaccination campaign that began on Monday.

It is worth noting that the results of the survey indicated that 64% of citizens are ready to receive vaccination, whether in government or private hospitals, this means that after 45 days since the start of the vaccination campaign, the percentage of citizens wanting to receive the vaccine increased from 38% to 64%, and became 36 Only% of citizens are now reluctant to eat it.

 And the last poll on vaccinations conducted by the health departments on February 19, indicated that 50% of citizens are still reluctant to receive the Coronavirus vaccine immediately, in the midst of the decrease in the number of cases of Coronavirus, while the percentage of those who hesitate to the first of March reached 36%, Meaning that there is awareness of the need to receive the vaccine to reduce Corona injuries and deaths.

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