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7 sports news, don't miss it today

Today, Saturday, March 27, 2021, has witnessed many important sports news, the most prominent of which is the development of Al-Ahly's attempts to join the league’s top scorer in the summer. Carteron refuses the position of football manager in his auxiliary apparatus in Zamalek.

Carteron refuses the position of football manager in his auxiliary apparatus in Zamalek

A member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club revealed the fate of the position of football manager in the auxiliary body of the French Patrice Carteron, the technical director of the first football team at Qalaa Al-Bayda, especially after Osama Nabih, the general coach, refused to combine his position with the position of football manager at the same time.

Learn about the developments of Al-Ahly's attempts to join the league's top scorer in the summer

Despite the denials of Smouha Club officials and Al-Ahly's attempts to "blackout" his efforts to include Hossam Hassan, the Smouha striker, information from the Red Castle confirms that the Alexandrian striker has become very close to wearing the red jersey.

Injuries hit Al-Ahly before the summit .. Hamdi Fathi Al-Nahhas chases him and the ambiguity of his position is evident

Injuries have become a nightmare chasing the technical apparatus of the Al-Ahly club, led by South Africa, Pitso Musimani, before the fateful confrontations that await the red giant during the month of April, whether at the African or local level, which begins with an important clash with the Sudanese Mars in the third of next month. The final of the African Champions League, in which Al-Ahmar seeks to defend the title he holds from last season.

Zamalek reveals the truth about the departure of Ashraf bin Sharqi in the summer

An official source inside the Zamalek club revealed the truth about the departure of Moroccan Ashraf bin Sharqi, the team's playmaker, during the upcoming summer transfers, after the end of the current football season, after strong news emerged about the player's approaching departure and his refusal to renew his contract with the White Castle at the present time.

Ihab Jalal closes the door to departure in front of the Ismaili stars, before the rescue trip

Ihab Jalal, the technical director of the Ismaili Club, assured its players that he rejected the idea of ​​any of them leaving the ranks of the dervishes before each of them offered an addition to the team. In his meeting with the players, Jalal stressed the need to adhere to their contracts with the club and not think about discussing any offers that reach them with their business agents at times In order to prevent their minds from being distracted, especially since the Ismaili is waiting for a difficult task on the league table, which is to escape from the bottom centers.

Zamalek settles on renewing the loan of Mohamed Sobhy next season

Zamalek club officials have settled, by a large percentage, to renew the loan of Mohamed Sobhi, the young goalkeeper, again in the new season, due to the difficulty of his participation in the matches if he returns to white next season, in the presence of more than one distinguished goalkeeper.


Al-Ahly is a break from training today and preparations for Sudan's Mars start tomorrow

The football team of Al-Ahly club gets a negative rest from training today, Saturday, and that the team will resume its training tomorrow, Sunday, as part of the preparations for the Red Genie to face the Sudanese Marshal in the African Championship to be held in Sudan on April 3, in the fifth round of the first group in the group stage of the League African champions.