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5 beneficiaries of Al-Ahly's trip in the Congo .. Musimane is in the foreground

Al-Ahly team swept its host, Vita Club, the Congolese, with three goals, in the match that brought the two teams together at the Martyrs Stadium in the Congolese capital, Kinshasa, in the fourth round of the first group of the group stage of the African Champions League.

The goals of Al-Ahly in the match were scored by Mohamed Sharif, Mohamed Magdy Afsha and Taher Mohamed Taher in the minutes 6, 19 and 78 of the match’s age, and with this result Al-Ahly raised its score to 7 points in second place in the group after Simba, the Tanzanian leader with 10 points, while the balance of Vita Club was frozen at 4 Points, in third place, and finally Al-Marsad of Sudan, fourth, with one point.

Al-Ahly's victory over the Vita Club gave the team more than one distinguished number, the most important of which was the first victory in the Congolese territory for the Egyptian teams, and it also returned Al-Ahly the opportunity to qualify as the leader of the group in the event of winning the next two matches against Al-Merrikh of Sudan and Simba of Tanzania.

In this report, we review the 5 most prominent beneficiaries of the Congo trip.

The first of those beneficiaries is the South African Musimane, who has been subjected to some criticism in the past period, especially after the draw with Vita Club 2/2 in Cairo and the unconvincing victory over Ismaili in the league, and the appearance of the team at a weak level, which raised fans' fears.

But the victory over Vita Club came with 3 clean goals and the distinguished level that the team performed on the Congo trip raised Musimani's shares and gave him confidence again to qualify as the group leader.

One of the most important beneficiaries of the trip, after the distinguished level that he appeared in addition to continuing to score, after he succeeded in scoring the Vita Club back and forth, which confirms his competence to lead the Al-Ahly attack, especially after his departure from the main formation since the contract with Walter Bwalia.

Taher Mohamed Taher continued his positive performance with Al-Ahly, especially as he participated in only 4 matches in the CAF Champions League, during which he managed to score two goals, which confirms that he is a winning deal for the Red, and had it not been for the injuries that surprised the former contractor player, he would reserve a key place in the formation of Musimani, especially in The player's personality and abilities remained on the field.

Yasser Ibrahim grabbed the spotlight at the distinguished level against the Vita Club and kept the team clean from all the Congolese team's attacks, and he deservedly deserved to be the best player in the Al-Ahly and Vita match, to confirm that he is always on time when the team needs him.

Mohamed Magdy Qafsha made a great match against Vita thanks to his distinguished passes and skills that appeared in more than one situation, especially in the shot of his wonderful goal, which paved the way for the three most important points in his group career, after going through great skill and a shot that housed the Congolese team.