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Wael Al-Qabbani: I am not convinced of Ayman Ashraf, "Masak" ... and Pyramids "Behzrawa" of the month prize

Wael El Qabbani, the former star of Zamalek, said that the Pyramids club pays millions to its players and in the end it does not compete for a championship, and we find that they give the player the prize of the month, did the players play in the stadium with the right of the money they obtained until they get the prize of the month, saying: Ramadan Sobhy is a very rigid player, and he does not need to be a player for a month, as he said, "When the players play against the money that they took, they will still take a month's prize."

Al-Qabbani touched on Ayman Ashraf, the player of the Al-Ahly club, saying: "I am not convinced of Ayman Ashraf as a misbehave, because he does not have the ingredients of the problem, and Al-Ahly is not compressed."

The former Zamalek star indicated that he does not want to compare Al-Ahly and Bayern Munich, because Egyptian football is limited, and if Zamalek had gone to the World Cup, he would have performed with the same performance, and it would have been the same result.

Wael El Qabbani explained that Betso Musimani, the technical director of Al-Ahly, his performance changes with the team, at times he improves, and at times he makes mistakes, describing him as confusing, and in return Pacheco is going well, but the problem is that it is wrong to change between time and time.

El-Kabbani added that there were a number of players who should have continued and not left, such as Omar Al-Saeed, Onagem, Razzaq Cisse and Mustafa Fathy.

The former Zamalek star pointed out that the third-class stadiums are witnessing strange facts such as the audience running behind the player, saying: “Third-class stadiums, the player gets and clings to the crowd, and if the case is, this will continue to cancel this league if it does not leave with you cancel it, but do not let any football player run in The stadium is getting pulled by the audience.

Al-Qabbani touched on the cancellation of the mouse, and that the tripartite committee canceled the mouse until the referees we see in the matches are used, saying: "Cancel the mouse in order to play with the referees who do not know playing in the presence of the mouse because they are not trained."