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The Iraqi Prime Minister: We will not accept the suppression of any demonstration, and anyone who transgresses will be held accountable

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi confirmed today, Sunday, that he will not accept the suppression of any demonstration and that anyone who exceeds the demonstrators will be held accountable.

Al-Kazemi said during a session of the Ministerial Council for National Security that was held today, Sunday, regarding the situation in Dhi Qar, according to the Iraqi "Alsumaria News" channel, that "the security measures taken to protect citizens, demonstrators and social sectors, and there are clear instructions from the first day of the formation of the government, the importance of protecting the demonstrators."

Al-Kazemi added, "We will not accept the suppression of any demonstration, and we will hold all those who violate the demonstrators, and we have very clear military directives and orders not to use live weapons to confront the demonstrations."

Al-Kazemi pointed out that this government emerged from a special situation and we must not repeat the previous mistakes, stressing that "the security services must carry out their measures to protect themselves and arrest everyone who attacks the security services or the public right."

He added that "the Supreme Investigation Committee was given one week to reveal the facts about what happened in the last days in the city of Nasiriyah," stressing, "We have taken the decision to dismiss the governor in order to send a message to our people in Dhi Qar that we are serious about achieving solutions."

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