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Study: 1 in 10 people with coronavirus transmits the virus to family members

A study found that only one in 10 people infected with corona transmits the virus to his family, as American researchers analyzed data from more than 7 thousand homes in Boston with more than 25 thousand people living there, and according to the report of the "dailymail" site, 7262 people were infected with corona among the group that was subjected to the study. And, it was transmitted to 1,809 other people they lived with, with a transmission rate of 10.1%, and the report also found that the likelihood of transmitting the virus to someone you live with was lower for larger families.

The risk of contracting the virus increased by 31% if a person had asthma, 67% for cancer patients and 35% if a family member was obese, however, the risk of infection was more than double for people with liver disease.

"Independent factors significantly associated with risk of transmission include older than 18 years of age and multiple disease states," Massachusetts General Hospital researchers wrote in their study published in the JAMA Open Network.

The findings support other research that found a similarly low secondary attack rate for the virus in homes.A review of 54 studies also published in the JAMA Network Open in December 2020 found that the transmission rate for households is 16.6%.

And a new study from Canadian public health officials published as preprint on medRxiv found that across the province of Ontario between July 1 and November 30, 2020, the infection rate among households was only 19.5%.