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Japan is witnessing the lowest birth and death rates despite the outbreak of the Corona pandemic ... Know the details

Despite the spread of the new Corona virus pandemic, Japan recorded the lowest birth rate in history, in addition to the low death rate, and the Japanese Ministry of Health announced the final numbers of newborns for the past year, as the total number of children born in Japan was about 872683 in 2020, which is An average of 26,000 births less than in 2019.

And the Japanese news agency "Kyodo" confirmed that the number of births last year was the lowest in the history of birth statistics, according to the Russian agency Sputnik.

The agency said: "Interestingly, the death rate has decreased in the country, despite the Corona virus pandemic that struck the world in 2020, as nearly ten thousand people died in Japan at a rate lower than in 2019. This is the first decrease in the number of deaths since 11 years old, "according to experts from the Ministry of Health.

And the Ministry of Health in the island country in southern Asia has warned that it is too early to talk about the impact of the epidemic on the population and it will not be possible to draw any reasonable conclusions until the end of 2021.

In another context, the Japanese newspaper "Japan Times" reported that the intensification of the Corona virus epidemic in Japan exacerbated the pressures not only on all of its residents, but also on women in particular, as these pressures were accompanied by an alarming rise in suicides among them; Adding that 6,976 Japanese women committed suicide during the past year alone.

In a report published on its website, the newspaper said, "As is the case in many countries, the restrictions of" Covid-19 "have caused more women to lose their jobs ... and in Tokyo, the largest city in the country, about 1 in every 5 women are alone, and the restrictions imposed, such as staying at home and avoiding visits, have exacerbated their feelings of isolation, as well as the suffering of others and other reasons that prompted many Japanese women to commit suicide.

And she reported that last year, suicide rates among Japanese women recorded an increase of about 15% compared to 2019..and this was the first annual increase in more than a decade .. which raised the concern of government officials and mental health experts who worked to reduce what has become one of the highest rates. Suicide in the world.

The "Japan Times" quoted Yuki Nishimura, director of the Japan Association of Mental Health Services, as saying, "Women bear the burden of virus prevention ... as they take care of their families and run into contempt if they do not do it right."

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