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An official Yemeni welcome to a new Security Council resolution on the crisis in the country

The Yemeni government welcomed Security Council Resolution No. 2564 issued on Thursday, which welcomed the formation of the new government in the country, condemned the attack on Aden International Airport and the Houthi aggression on the governorate of Marib, and held the terrorist Houthi militia responsible for the delay in assessing and maintaining the Safer reservoir.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs in the government confirmed that the decision reflects the true and sincere desire of the international community to help achieve peace and end the futile war waged by the terrorist Houthi militia, with Iranian support and support, which has produced suffering and a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen and destabilized the region's security and stability.


In a statement broadcast by the official news agency in the country, the Foreign Ministry also confirmed that the government will continue to make efforts and endeavors aimed at restoring security and stability, ending the coup and achieving peace and national reconciliation, in accordance with the outcomes of the comprehensive national dialogue conference and the Gulf initiative, its executive mechanism and Security Council Resolution 2216.

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