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An Italian study: Antibody responses lasted 10 months after infection with Corona

Researchers in Italy conducted a recent study that showed that patients who had tested positive for coronavirus infection still had antibodies against the virus after 10 months.


The researchers evaluated antibody responses over a period of 10 months among 30 people diagnosed with the Coronavirus in the Italian region of Umbria between March 1 and 30, 2020.

According to their results published on the medRxiv website 20 months after infection, 19 patients (63%) still had detectable levels of IgM-equivalent antibodies against the Coronavirus, and furthermore, no re-infection occurred among any of the participants, although From the increase in daily infections with mutant strains occurring in the Umbrian region during the study period.

Concerns surrounding antibody responses to corona

Since the coronavirus outbreak began in late December 2019, studies have shown that humoral (antibody) responses among recovered patients can last anywhere from 3 months to more than 8 months.

Studies published in 2020 have raised concerns about the duration of immunity provided by these neutralizing antibodies, warning that "rapid immunodeficiency" could lead to false negative immunoassay results.

The researchers conducted a longitudinal observational analysis of 114 patients in the Umbria region who had tested positive for corona between the 11th and 30th of March. They also conducted serial serology tests over a period of 10 months among the 30 participants who attended all the follow-up visits, and blood samples were collected at six different time points. With the first sample taken two months after infection in May, then other samples were taken one month, three months, five months, six months and eight months after.

The presence and persistence of coronavirus-specific antibodies were assessed using two commercial immunoassays, and the participants were divided into those with mild disease and those with moderate to severe disease.

What did the study find?

The team reported that the level of anti-immunoglobulin was detected in 19 (63.3%) of the 30 participants, 10 months after infection was initially confirmed.

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