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Algerian Prime Minister: Renewable energies will become one of the main engines of growth

Algerian Prime Minister Abdelaziz Jarad (Prime Minister) confirmed that renewable energies will become one of the main engines of economic growth in addition to the sectors of mines, desert agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry, and emerging and miniature enterprises.

In remarks during his visit to Hassi Rimal field in Laghouat state to commemorate the nationalization of hydrocarbons and the establishment of the General Union of Algerian Workers, Jarad said, "Algeria, after 50 years of nationalization, has chosen to go definitively towards developing renewable energies based on an appropriate industrial base and for this it possesses all natural resources and human means. That will allow it to become a pioneer in solar and wind energy in the next few years. "

Jarad reiterated his government's commitment to laying the foundations and rules for energy transition adapted to its national advantages, while adopting in this endeavor all capabilities that enable it to effectively embody the desired goals without neglecting the mechanisms of accurate evaluation and continuous follow-up.

He pointed out that the increase in production capacity in the fields of energy will allow the country to open new horizons through the actual expansion of the local petrochemical activities, whose manufactured products will find outlets to be marketed with a stable additional value, in contrast to the severe fluctuations in the price of raw energy resources in the international market.

He explained that the government has adopted, as part of its work program and the economic recovery program, several measures aiming in their entirety to encourage industrial activities related to the energy sector with small and medium enterprises and industries capable of creating job opportunities and creating local wealth.

He said, "The Algerian state views the energy transition as a vital path that calls for several transitions and transformations, such as digital and industrial transformation and the systems and technologies associated with them," noting the need for Sonatrach, the Algerian oil giant, to play its role as an actor.

It is essential in the energy transition path by including renewable energies within its strategic vision and related implementation plans.

Jarad indicated that, during the year 2020, 34% of government cars and public institutions cars were converted to run with natural gas instead of fuel.

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