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A golden statue of Trump steals the spotlight at the Conservative Conference

Former US President Donald Trump has yet to appear at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), but a gold-colored statue representing him has already stolen the limelight, as people have been lining up all day for pictures next to him.

The statue was made by Tommy Zigan, and this was his second work after another statue of former Green Pay Packers star Brett Favre. Zigan's next project will be a statue of Robin Williams as Popeye.

Zigan said that throughout Trump's presidency, he saw a lot of banners, balloons and statues of the 45th president painted in a negative light, and asked, "Is this the best that the art community can do? .. So, I said that I can do better."

According to Zijan, there is a lot of "symbolism" in his work, where the lawsuit is that Trump is a businessman, the red tie is a symbol of the Republican Party, his red, white, and blue shorts show that he is "patriotic", he wears sandals because he is at that age where he should He retires and goes out on the beach somewhere, "but he's not.

He recalled that the magic wand he holds dates back to the 2016 comment former President Barack Obama made to Trump when he said, "What magic wand do you have?" To bring jobs back to the United States. Finally, he maintains the constitution because he "believes in".

Zijan said he did not want the statue to represent an "idol" people worshiped. He wants everyone, even liberals, to laugh and take pictures next to the character.

According to Fox News, this statue is actually the "mold" used to make the "real" statue, and it is made of stainless steel and weighs 600 pounds.

Zegan hopes the statue will end in Trump's presidential library. This statue, which weighs 200 pounds, is on sale and is asking for $ 100,000 and has already received an offer of $ 80,000, but has been withdrawn due to the pandemic.